Powder water repellent for waterproofing.
For all types of waterproofing mortars for walls, facades, waterproof screeds, masonry joints, tunnel galleries, swimming pools, tanks, casings, forms of waterproofing protection for flat roofs.
– It mainly reduces capillary absorption by complying with the requirements of standard NF EN 480-5. This reduction makes it possible to improve the tightness of the hardened mortars.
– It gives mortars: Perfect waterproofing by chemical transformation and fixation of their soluble constituents, better smoothness which facilitates implementation and promotes compactness, longer use time without bleeding (no need to reshuffle).
– It does not alter the mechanical resistance.
– It facilitates the adhesion of paints.
– It improves the frost resistance of hardened mortars.
Box of 20 bags of 1 kg.

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