Bituminous glue.
It is mainly intended for the cold bonding of modified bitumen membranes (APP) type DERBIGUM Africa as well as for the bonding of certain insulators.
Cold bonding with DERBICOL is mainly used in complexes with insulation.
It is used for bonding insulation, in particular cork, glass wool, rock wool, etc. excluding panels sensitive to hydrocarbons such as polystyrene. On all these insulations, DERBIGUM Africa will preferably be applied by cold bonding with DERBICOL to avoid any direct contact of the flame with the insulation.
DERBICOL is also recommended for the installation of DERBIGUM Africa for repairs to compensate for irregularities in the substrate.
It allows the implementation of membranes on supports such as wood, chipboard, etc.
– 18 kg metal bucket.

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